Disney Virtual Queue Tips

I am no expert but out of the 50+ times we’ve tried to get on the virtual queue we’ve only failed once.

Here’s my tips on how to score the virtual queue for Epcot’s new Guardians ride:

The 7am queue –

  • You do not need to be inside or near the park for this one (I’ve done if from my house that is 3+ hours from the parks)
  • The more people in your party you have with their phones doing this at once, the better your chances. Usually, it’s both Jeremy and I doing this whole process together.
    • One of us is usually on the wifi and one on is on just cellular data (for us, cellular data seems to win every time)
  • Be ready at 6:55am
    1. Open the Disney World App (make sure you are logged in to your my Disney experience account)
    2. Click on the virtual queue page for the ride (on home page)
    3. Confirm travel party (usually it will automatically select anyone in your friends and family list with a park reservation for that day)
  • At 6:58am start refreshing (pull down on waiting room page)
  • If one person in your party gets in before you do you will get an error message on your screen because they’ve already pulled you in to a group
  • If no one in your party gets in, then it will say virtual queue full for the day

The 1pm queue –

  • The same as above except you NEED TO BE INSIDE EPCOT (swiped in at entrance) to be able to access the queue at all
  • Time frame changes to 12:55pm for login and travel party confirmation
  • Start refreshing at 12:58pm

Video Tutorial:

Access the virtual queue page and how to refresh by swiping down on the page starting 2 minutes before the respective queue opening times (7am and 1pm).

I have seen people also have a clock open with the seconds in order to better time the exact moment you should hit refresh. That’s way too many things going on for me and stresses me out to look at so many screens but it has worked for a lot of people.

The 2 minutes before 7am are the most stressful 2 minutes of my Disney weekends…still, I will say Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is 10,000% worth you getting up at 6:55am and stressing out for 2 minutes!

Happy Refreshing & May the Force Be With You!

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