In Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

My best friend has a saying “Grand Flo, or don’t go” and she’s not wrong…

It’s no secret that Walt Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is regarded as the most luxurious resort on property. As you drive up to this property you are instantly greeted with victorian elegance. This resort is not only known for its glitz and glamour, it has gorgeous rooms, some of the best restaurants and bars, and amenities galore.

Why you should stay here at least once in your lifetime:

1. The Restaurants and Bars:

Like a true foodie I’m going to start with my favorite category but also what played the biggest role in my decision to stay here and more so to buy into DVC at this resort (more on DVC here: DVC Info).

First up, our #1 pick: The Enchanted Rose Lounge: Whether you came for drinks (which you should) or for food, this Beauty & The Beast themed bar will never disappoint you!

  • Open Daily: 3:30pm-11pm
  • Click here for lounge menu
  • What to order:
    • Seasonal Old Fashioned
    • Lavender Fog
    • French Rose
    • Espresso Martini
    • Floral Bitter Beauty
    • Truffle Fries
    • Mini Smoked Brisket Sliders

The Grand Floridian Cafe:

  • Click here for menu
  • Breakfast – 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM
    • What to order:
      • Avocado Toast
      • Steak and Eggs
      • Buttermilk-fried Chicken and Waffle
      • Mickey-shaped Waffle
      • Minnie’s Grand Pancake
  • Lunch – 11:05 AM to 2:00 PM
    • Lunch menu is a combination of the above breakfast options and below dinner options
  • Dinner – 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
    • What to order:
      • Lobster ‘Thermidor’ Burger (Jeremy’s absolute favorite)
      • Miso-glazed Salmon (easily one of the best salmon’s I’ve ever had)

The Gasparilla Island Grill is their quick service option and it’s always a great option for on the go breakfast/lunch/dinner (click here for menu).

Other Dining Options we will report back on when we visit:

  • Victoria & Alberts will re-open July 28th, so we are excited to try this adult only experience (will update on this one soon).
  • No re-opening date has been announced for 1900 Park Fare yet, this is the only character dining available on property so we will be on the lookout for the announcement.
  • Criticos was recently re-designed and re-opened but we have not had the pleasure of trying it yet (will update once we do).
  • Narcoossee’s is a gorgeously situated waterfront dining option we always seem to miss reservations for (hopefully we will score some soon).

2. The Monorail

One big draw to this property is the fact that it is a “monorail resort,” this means it sits on the monorail loop. The monorail system connects 3 resorts, The Grand Floridian, The Contemporary, and The Polynesian Village Resort, and 2 theme parks, Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Staying at this property gives you the option to hop on the monorail system and arrive at any of the destinations on its track in minutes, without ever having to move your vehicle (Pro Tip: you won’t ever need to move your vehicle if you are staying on Disney property because you will always have the Disney Buses that connect to any of the Disney locations).

3. The Walkways & The Boats

The other option is you can always walk right on over to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park (MK) or Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort (Poly). All are just a short walkway away! This is a huge plus when you are looking to visit MK or if you want to walk over to the Poly for a meal or a drink.

There is also the option to take a boat right across Seven Seas Lagoon to MK park and vice versa. So after a long MK park day when the monorail line is too long you can always take the boats instead (which usually have NO line).

4. The Lobby

I mean, it speaks for itself…

There is a pianist who plays in the lobby everyday at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6:15pm, and 7:15pm. It is amazing to sit on one of the many couches in the lobby and just listen to him play! Pro Tip: there are electrical outlets all around the lobby making it easy to recharge your devices while you kick your feet up.

5. The Rooms

Okay, finally… let’s talk rooms! So like other Disney properties there are many different room categorize to pick from here. The amount you spend is reflected in the room category you decide on. All the rooms are spacious, and recently they’ve all been upgraded so you won’t miss out on any luxuries no matter what room type you pick. There is also “Club Level” like at other Disney properties. The Club Level rooms allow you access to a lounge where they offer complimentary snacks and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) throughout the day. Club Level also includes access to a dedicated concierge staff, including a dedicated phone and text line. I have not yet experienced Club Level but personally, I would prioritize if getting a lake view room (these have a view of MK). I have seen the MK firework shows from many spots and I can confidently say that there is nothing more special than watching them from your very own balcony in a Disney robe!

6. The Pools

There’s 2 large pools and 1 splash pool for kids in the resort. Both pools also have quick service bars for drinks and snacks. Definitely, recommend drinks and lounging here. For a more “adult only” feel head to the Courtyard Pool.

7. The Entertainment

No matter your room category, you can always find a spot on the lawn, or beach to watch the MK fireworks from this resort. You can also watch the Electrical Water Pageant from here, which we love!

There’s also a daily entertainment schedule posted up in multiple areas around the resort. The usually have painting classes, or a Disney movie playing on the lawns at night, and even roasting of marshmallows in the fire pit.

8. The Spa/Gym

The resort also has a well equipped fitness center, although running is largely the sport of choice for most guests. Because of the multiple races and marathons hosted by Disney World, there are many trails around the parks and resorts. Conveniently, there is a running trail from the Polynesian to the Grand Floridian you can take on.

Photo courtesy of

I have not yet tried out the Senses Spa but I have heard it is top notch! So it may be worth an afternoon visit to rest from a day at the parks.

9. The Holidays

The holidays are not to be taken lightly at Disney as a whole, but the Grand Floridian is the most famous amongst the other resorts for showing off during the holiday season.

  • Easter: The Easter Egg display is just truly amazing and a must see! They are all edible and hand painted by the talented bakers at the Grand Floridian!
  • Christmas: Let’s just say they do it BIG at the Grand Floridian. From the Christmas tree to the gingerbread house, it is all astonishing to see in person!

As you can see the Grand Floridian is an experience, not just a place to sleep. So I would plan at a minimum to spend 2 days purely enjoying this resort and not necessarily going to the parks on these days. The price tag is 1000% worth it!

Map of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Overall Rating: 10/10 – This is why I bought DVC here!

Click here for all the information on DVC

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