In Nerja, Spain

How to spend a day in Nerja

Welcome to Spain’s gorgeous Costa del Sol! This is where having our own rental car came in handy on this trip to Spain. We were able to explore small towns along the Spanish coast that we probably would have never visited otherwise. Tip: there is a large parking garage in the town center making it easy to visit.

Nerja used to be a small fishing village on the easternmost point of the Costa del Sol region of Spain but its beauty has slowly grown it into a resort town in the last few years. Its seafront promenade, el Balcón de Europa will stun you with dramatic views of the Mediterranean Sea splashing against the surrounding mountains.

Playa Calahonda
El Balcón de Europa

After taking in all the views from the promenade, we headed into the small town square to explore all the shops and restaurants. The picturesque town of Nerja is not to be missed. It’s quaint yet bustling with locals spilling out into the main plaza.

After some shopping and chatting with the locals we were told to visit the “Cueva de Nerja” so we hopped back in our car and drove a few miles from the town center to the caves. For 13€/pp you can visit the caves complete with a mobile audioguide. The caves were the most impressive I’ve ever seen and you should not miss this on your visit to Nerja. In fact, I would say even if you’re not planning a trip to Nerja you should definitely plan a stop here. The sheer size of the cave is incredible and then you add in the thousands of stalagmites and stalactites and it really blows you away. Buy tickets in person or here: Cueva de Nerja Tickets.

Tip: bring closed toe and non-slippery shoes (the floor is often wet down there). There was a signage that they don’t allow flip flops but my mom did go in with sandals and was not told anything you just have to be extra careful.

It’s time to enjoy some beach time! We stopped at a local supermarket (Carrefour Market) on the way back to Nerjas town center to stock up on drinks and food for the beach. We packed up our small cooler, beach towels, and umbrellas and headed down to Playa Calahonda. Okay, the water was freezing!! Although it was 80+ degrees Fahrenheit the mediterranean waters do not heat up like they do in Miami. We went in for small bursts of a few seconds at a time since we could not manage to acclimate. Still, just sitting on this cliffside beach was perfect!

We drank, ate, and took a great nap on the beach before driving back to our Airbnb in Malaga for the night. Nerja is an easy 45-minute drive from Malaga, which makes for the perfect day trip. I am so glad we got to visit this little gem in Costa del Sol and enjoyed its dramatic caves and stunning beaches.

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