In Space 220

Location: EPCOT, next to Mission: Space Ride (World Discovery)

Come dine amongst the stars with me…

Space 220 is more than a restaurant, it is an experience. When you arrive you will be given your boarding ticket for the Centauri Space Station. From here you will board the space elevator that will take you straight up to space!!!

The Experience (rating: 10/10)

Aboard the space elevator. Trip from EPCOT straight up to Centauri Space Station.
Arrived safely to space


  • Lunch – 11:30 AM to 3:55 PM
  • Dinner – 4:00 PM to 8:40 PM

Link for Reservation: Space 220 Restaurant or Space 220 Lounge (reservations allowed up to 60 days before your park reservation)

Pro Tip: Both for the restaurant and for the lounge the reservations are almost impossible to get unless you’re on the app at 6am 60 days out etc. (and even then they go in seconds). So, I’m here to tell you there’s another way to enjoy Space 220…people will always cancel the day of or not show up to their reservation and so you can walk over to the hostess stand and ask to be placed on the waitlist. We did this the last time we visited and were able to wait about 40 minutes to get seated in the lounge.

This restaurant has set menu pricing for lunch and dinner (not available in the lounge area):

  • For the “Adult Lunch Pricing” you get one Lift-Off (Appetizer) and one Star Course (Entrée) for $55.
  • For the “Adult Dinner Pricing” you get one Lift-Off (Appetizer), one Star Course (Entrée), and one Supernova Sweet (Dessert) for $79.
    • FOR DINNER ONLY: There is a menu section called: Space Station Supplementals. This section has two dishes that are NOT part of the set menu/price. The two add on options are a 1.5 lb Baked Whole Lobster Stuffed with Jumbo Crab ($22) and a 24 oz Bone in Ribeye ($20). This price is in addition to the above mentioned set dinner price of $79 per person.
  • Kids lunch and dinner is $29. It includes one Star Course (Entrée), one Supernova Sweet (Dessert), and one Celestial Beverage (Drink). As a bonus all Kids’ Meals also includes a pack of Space 220 collectible trading cards.
  • Drinks are all sold separately.

What we had:

Food (rating 7/10) –

  1. Starry Calamari (7/10)
  2. Neptune Tartare (9/10)
  3. Steak & Frites (8/10)
  4. Terra-Bolognese (7/10)

Drinks (rating: 8/10) –

  1. Orion Old Fashion (8/10)
  2. The Nebula (8/10)
  3. Atmospritz (9/10)
  4. Black Hole Shot (7/10)
  5. Gamora Shot (9/10)
The Nebula

Pro Tip: you can also make a reservation or walk up for “lounge” seating. This is basically at the bar or right next to the bar area. The menu is limited to appetizers here but the drinks are all the same.

EXTRA Pro Tip: Hope you get Eric or Chris as your bartenders! As a Disney Day Drinker Club Member, this is my biggest & most important recommendation (shout out to Club D3)!

Overall Rating: 9/10 for the experience!

I don’t love the food here, but I certainly think it is worth a visit at the very least to the lounge/bar area. At the bar, you have awesome bartenders serving themed drinks that makes the whole “space” experience more worth it for me. Especially being this is in EPCOT… I would recommend skipping the food here and heading to the World Showcase right outside for better food options (i.e. Mexico pavilion).

I can confirm the bathrooms in space are quiete nice!

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