In The Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl

A Guide to Bar Hopping Using the Disney Skyliner

It’s no secret that the Disney Skyliner is my favorite ride in Walt Disney World. So, I guess it was only a matter of time before we used it as a drinking game…

The Before
The After

We arrived Friday morning from Miami and got to work right away. The same way you would prepare for a race, we prepared for our day with an early lunch at the Polite Pig in Disney Springs. Definitely recommend this before a long day of bar hopping. Plus the food is sooooo good, a must try! 

I guess technically this was stop #1. We had the Old-Fashioned and the Paloma Margarita. 
Slider Trio
Ribs and Mac & Cheese Platter (this Mac & Cheese is a must!)

After lunch, we parked at our hotel – The Walt Disney World Swan Resort and walked over to the Skyliner at the Epcot showcase exit. We hoped on the Skyliner and took it all the way to it’s starting point – The Art of Animation (AOA) & Pop Century Resorts’ exit. 

Note: if you’re not familiar with the Disney Skyliner keep in mind you’ll have to stay on at the stop for the Riviera Resort exit, but then get off at the Caribbean Beach exit in order to transfer over for the Pop/AOA line. 

Stop #1 – Disney’s Art of Animation Resort: 

Take a right coming off the Skyliner and walk over to The Drop Off pool bar. 

  • The Hibiscus Lemonade was the winner here!
The Drop Off Pool Bar

Next, walk right over the Skyliner bridge over to the Pop. 

Stop #2 – Disney’s Pop Century Resort: 

  • The boys loved the bourbon breeze here. 
Petals Poor Bar

Next, you’ll have to hop back on the Skyliner towards the Caribbean Beach Resort exit. Exit here, and then walk over to the large pool area across the bridge. 

Stop #3 – Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort:

  • I’ve been raving about the “Magical Beacon” since WDW debuted it for the 50th anniversary and Gavin (my favorite bartender in Disney, shout-out to Gavin!!) insisted I try it because he knows how much I love my gin. Anyway, it took me 6 months, but I finally got them to try it! 
Banana Cabana Pool Bar

From here, you can walk along the sandy “beach” area towards the Riviera (take a break on a hammock). 

Stop #4 – Disney’s Rivera Resort: 

  • They are now obsessed with the Magical Beacon… (If you like sangria…don’t bother with the white sangria here. It does NOT taste like sangria, at all). 
Bar Riva

Hop back on the Skyliner and take it to the Epcot world showcase exit. From here, walk towards the Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. 

Stop #5 – Margarita Joe’s on the Boardwalk: 

  • The watermelon margaritas were a hit! 
Boardwalk Joe’s

(We skipped the AbacadaBar because we wanted to come here at night, after dinner. More on it later.) 

Pro Tip: order a pizza from The Pizza Window on the boardwalk while you wait for your drinks from Joe’s (The Pizza Window is right across from Margarita Joe’s). 

Next, walk or take a friendship boat across the boardwalk to the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts. 

Stop #6 – Yacht & Beach Club Resorts: 

  • They’re still drinking the magical beacons y’all… 
  • I tried the “Category 5” but it was too strong for my taste. 
Hurricane Hanna’s

At this point we were ready for a little pool action after a long HOT day (we were sunburned at this point). So, we headed back to our resort’s pool. 

Potential Stops # 7, #8, and #9 time and inebriation permitting: The Phins bar at the Dolphin Resort, “Chill” at the Swan Resort, and Stir bar at the Swan Reserve Resort. 

We had dinner at the Flying Fish on the boardwalk before our final bar stop. I highly recommend the food and atmosphere of this restaurant! 

The Seafood Pearl Pasta
The Filet Mignon (this was the favorite of the night)
The Slow Roasted Pork Belly Appetizer

Stop #7 (officially) – AbracadaBar:

Back on the boardwalk to continue our bar crawl.


Ok, lots of questions on this one… Here are my two cents, the theming was very cool. The bartenders are awesome and stick to the theme, which we loved. But, the drinks just fell short for me. They weren’t anything special or tasty. 

Ice cream: the end to a great day!

Boardwalk Ice Cream

*Look out for our monorail bar crawl next. 

**Shoutout to the DDD Club for the inspiration & encouragement along the way! 

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